The Crash are here to play rock and roll.

The Crash are Portland's most destructive and unnecessary three piece band.

The Crash are not cute, do not want to compete for prizes, and have no interest in appearing on television.

The Crash do not have or need a second guitar player, keyboards, synthesiezers, turntables, background singers or pre-recorded rythym tracks.

The Crash appear only after dark, in small, loud, occassionally smoke filled rooms where people are living for that whiskey, wine and gin. The Crash are not a smoke free band.

The Crash love dancers of all types, and always provide a space for people to go crazy and gyrate.

The Crash are maniacally creating the type of music they enjoy, which is not weird for the sake of being weird, but doesn't sound like everyone else, either.

The Crash practice extensively in a highly customized sub-terranian studio so that they can make new mistakes for you each time they play.

The Crash play other peoples music, but don't sound like them. The Crash are a live band that improvise much of their music to make sure it is fresh and never boring.

The Crash invite you to come check them out at the dive bar nearest your present location and join the mayhem.